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How to Order a Custom Marble Sculpture? | How are Marble Statues Made?

Of all the ancient events and tales of lore, the most remembered are those that inspired artists to carve marble monuments in their honor. Many children have read tales of the amazing feats of Hercules, and history buffs have poured through legends about Roman generals

Custom Marble Sculptures for the Modern World

Of all the ancient events and tales of lore, the most remembered are those that inspired artists to carve marble monuments in their honor. Many children have read tales of the amazing feats of Hercules, and history buffs have poured through legends about Roman generals. Even today these tales capture our imagination. It is no wonder that long ago some human reflected upon a symbol of strength and first wondered how to sculpt marble.

Often at first glance people will assume that only great libraries or city halls have a reason to purchase works of art such as life size bronze statues. However, the reality is nearly any yard or building could benefit from such artistic adornments. Indeed it may look pretentious to have a thirty foot statue of the Greek god of thunder Zeus overlooking your suburban home. However, many families love to remember past pets with life size dog statues. Sandstone sculptures of education heroes or symbols such as books could inspire students entering institutions of learning.

The truth is, using carved images to serve as visual reminders of achievement is as old as humanity. They serve as lasting legacies of triumph and heartache and link our lives to history.

How Are Sculptures Created?

Have you ever walked through a garden of statues and wondered exactly how to carve marble? Anyone who has attempted to draw a picture will know that creating a representation of our imagination is never an easy task. Fortunately, there are those among us that dedicated their lives to helping us create powerful symbols in stone and metal. For those of us that are not heirs to Donatello, it is much easier to hire someone.

There are many different processes and materials that can be used in sculpture. Many artists may prefer certain materials or methods based on factors like cost, availability, personal skill, and desired permanence. Similarly, people interested in commissioning a work of art may consider cost, aesthetics, and intended display situation. A small chapel may research life size angel statues for sale made of materials that are long-lasting but easy to move.

For larger or more intricate works, smaller segments may be created in a workshop first. Only later at the final display site are the pieces assembled. This assembly process of sculpting also works best for artwork large enough to create transportation challenges. Transporting smaller pieces is much easier, safer, and cost-effective than attempting to move a huge, fully assembled masterpiece. Anyone who has attempted to move a fully assembled piece of exercise equipment or furniture can definitely understand the benefits of this process.

Another process used in sculpting is modeling. This process can be ideal for works of art created in a medium that is malleable in the beginning, but can be hardened into a finished product later. Clay, is perhaps the best example of a material used in the creation of artistic works through modeling.

Perhaps the most famous form of sculpting is carving, in part because many historical sculptures were carved out of hard, long-lasting materials like marble. Carving is perhaps the most difficult form of sculpting because harder materials are so unforgiving of mistakes. As a result, many people correctly envision carvers as starting with a huge block of marble for sculpting, and chiseling tiny pieces away for years. Still other artists prefer to start with a huge tree trunk and shave away wood until they reveal a masterpiece.

The historical proof for the value of marble statues is incontestable however. Many of the oldest statues in human history are made of marble. Considering that marble can often last hundreds or even thousands of years, the per year cost of marble sculptures likely falls far below most other options.

For those desiring long-lasting pieces made of metal instead of marble, casting is usually the best process choice. This is perhaps the form of sculpture that has changed the most with time. Modern casting often starts with a model that is either a live human being, or an image carved out of hard material. The model is covered in a soft or even liquid material that hardens with time.

This process creates what is called a hollow mold. After the mold is completed, it is then filled with the desired metal in its molten form, which conforms to the shape of the mold. After the metal cools, the mold is removed to reveal the sculpture. After grinding and polishing the final sculpture is ready for display.

The casting process can be expensive for one time commissioned pieces, as it often involves carving a model, assembling pieces, and the cost of several materials. However, metal casting can often be the best method for mass production. For example, the bronze statue cost can fall dramatically below the cost of other sculpting processes once the initial mold is completed.

How to Custom Order a Marble Sculpture

If you want to purchase a decorative sculpture for your home or office, it may be a simple matter to find marble statues for sale anywhere you find art. Several large department stores offer carved stone animals among their products. If you are considering your own custom marble sculpture, there are a few things you should know. Fortunately, in the modern era commissioning sculptures can be done by everyday people and usually only take a few months.

Several companies on the internet offer busts, statues, or other custom items made of marble and designed entirely from only a picture provided by the customer. The companies take your image and start with a draft sculpture, often made of clay. Once the draft is approved, they will create the final piece from marble. Several varieties of marble are available, including yellow, white, and black.

From busts of your favorite grandfather, to life size animals statues, marble statues are no longer only for ancient Greek kings. There are today artisans who are willing to chisel marble to help us commemorate our modern day legends. Adorning a home, business, or community organization with granite sculptures or marble figurines can create a sense of regality and wonder. With the power of the internet, finding stone statues for sale can be as simple as running a search.

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