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Epic Fail Statues | David Beckham Statue

Epic Fail Statues | David Beckham Statue The British comedian and host of “The Late Late Show” has become famous in the U.S. and around the world for his sense of humor and ability to prank his famous friends. As the fame of the chat

Epic Fail Statues | David Beckham StatueThe British comedian and host of "The Late Late Show" has become famous in the U.S. and around the world for his sense of humor and ability to prank his famous friends. As the fame of the chat show host and star of "Into the Woods" has grown, his ability to pull off some of the best pranks on TV has developed. One of the most famous and impressive pranks pulled by Corden was his revealing of a statue of the legendary English soccer player, David Beckham, which was one of the worst ever seen.A Failed Statue

Obviously, the statue has become one of the most famous pranks played by Corden as it came hot on the heels of the infamous Portuguese statue of Cristiano Ronaldo. As one of Beckham's friends, James Corden wanted to see how far he could push the former LA Galaxy, Manchester United, and Real Madrid star. This living statue prank came about when it was revealed the soccer star had been named the recipient of a David Beckham real statue and Corden stepped in for a funny video. The statue joke needed a high-quality sculptor capable of producing a product resembling the iconic former England captain while producing the problematic aspects of the work. The David Beckham Statue Prank BeginsIt is safe to say, James Corden Beckham prank was one of the most popular of recent times as the soccer star believed he was attending a private unveiling of the statue produced by Omri Amrany. During the prank to reveal the statue of David Beckham footballer, the part of the sculptor was played by the comedian, Maz Jobrani. The comedian unveiled the Beckham statue to the dismay of the soccer star as the James Corden prank took full effect.Nice HairWhere do you begin with the fake statue? Do we start with the David Beckham teeth or the fact this would have become known as the "David Beckham No Thumbs Statue?" To be fair to the soccer star, despite the terrible likeness the statue bore to him, he did focus on the fact the image of him had good looking hair.Searching for a positive as this David Beckham prank took a few amazing turns, the sculpture had extra long arms and the longest chin to elongate the face of the husband of Victoria Beckham. In the early stages of this funny live statues prank, Beckham seemed amazed at the fact he had been imagined in such a way by the sculptor. James Corden Is AmusedAs this David Beckham statue was being revealed to the soccer player, comedian James Corden was nearby watching on a hidden camera. The reaction of Corden to the prank is almost as funny as the face of David Beckham on the fake statue which looks almost nothing like the iconic athlete.The prank was created for "The Late Late Show" and obviously inspired by the statue of Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled at a museum dedicated to the soccer player in his Portuguese home town. After the initial shock of the statue had worn off for Beckham, the full problem of the statue taking up a prized position outside the stadium of the LA Galaxy began to dawn on the retired player. Eventually, Beckham began to reveal his true feelings about the statue and told the man he thought was the sculptor the image looked nothing like him. Eventually, he claimed the only part of the sculpture he liked was the hair, which left James Corden doubled over laughing at the attempt of the celebrity to find something positive in the statue joke.Breaking The Statue

After David Beckham and the sculptor played by Omri Amrany had discussed the Beckham statue for a few minutes, a forklift driver appeared to take the sculpture to apparent safety. A clearly panicked Beckham explained he wasn't sure he could allow the statue to take up its planned place at the entrance to the Galaxy's home. Fortunately, the forklift driver was in on the James Corden prank and allowed the Beckham statue to fall and shatter to the relief of the former England Manchester United star. As the living statue prank came to an end, Corden revealed himself to a string of expletives from Beckham as the relief became clearly visible on his face.

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