November 1, 2011 4:03 AM

Bronze Sculptors of Big Statues’ Custom Bronze Statue of the Family to Be Relocated To the Front of American Fork Hospital

Intermountain Healthcare’s custom bronze statue of the family will be moved to the front outdoor courtyard of American Fork Hospital

Intermountain Healthcare’s custom bronze statue of the family will be moved to the front outdoor courtyard of American Fork Hospital

The custom bronze statue of the family, previously installed inside the front lobby of American Fork Hospital in American Fork, Utah, is being moved to a sunnier setting, just a few hundred feet outside. The bronze sculpture will be carefully removed from its original home in the middle of the front lobby, and lifted to its new foundation in the outdoor courtyard at the front entrance of the hospital.

The life-size bronze statue will only be moving a short distance, but will need intensive attention to detail and heavy machinery nonetheless.

To move this 1,200 pound bronze statue of four life-size figures, a crane will be used to raise the statue at specially designated points, engineered to withstand the most pressure. At these strongest lifting points, the statue will be lifted and transported all at once to its new setting outdoors.

Bronze sculptor, Matt Glenn, of Big Statues, who sculpted and installed this custom bronze statue several years ago, is coordinating all engineering procedures with the American Fork Hospital Personnel.

The construction manager of the relocation remarked he was very grateful to have the artist’s advice on where to lift and how to move the statue. The bronze statue was secured to its concrete base by steel all-thread bars, drilled into the bottom of the statue. Having all of the exact measurements of where these bars and pressure points are located, will make the guessing game he anticipated obsolete and ensure the safest movement of the bronze work of art.

Once placed and secured outside, the bronze statue will require very little upkeep. Many of bronze sculptors who install their statues outside, coat them with a light layer of wax to ensure they retain their original shine, however some decide to leave them untouched. If undisturbed, the bronze may begin to developed a more antiqued look with a slight change in hue over many years exposed to the elements. Either way, these bronze statues are indestructible once properly installed.

This bronze statue of the family was sculpted after the exact silhouettes in the Intermountain Healthcare logo. With all four figures, husband, wife, daughter, and son, holding hands together, their bodies recreate the image of a strong and loving, single unit. Intermountain Healthcare seeks to uphold this commitment to healing and helping both the individual and entire family of their patients, and the bronze recreation of their logo serves as a physical realization of their characteristic motto.

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