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11 Bronze Statues With Clothes

French photographer Léo Caillard and art director Alexis Persani have created a pretty sweet photo series that depicts ancient Louvre’s sculptures wearing modern day clothing. With the power of a camera and photoshop, these guys show how hilarious two worlds of old and new look combined.

#11 Dressed To Thrill

French photographer Léo Caillard and art director Alexis Persani have created a pretty sweet photo series that depicts ancient Louvre’s sculptures wearing modern day clothing. With the power of a camera and photoshop, these guys show how hilarious two worlds of old and new look combined.

We wonder what the sculptors would think if they saw their creations donning hipster chic clothing and accessories. We’d say either rolling in their graves or laughing hysterically.

It’s actually quite amazing how the addition of the clothing instantly gives these guys and girls a personality very separate from the one they had before. They gain a bit of edge mixed with some androgynous sex appeal. This idea could spawn an entire new clothing line. Stone Stylings: Extremely uncomfortable clothing for those who don’t move.

#10 Jagger, The Sheep Herder

Our friend here illustrates the best look for the modern sheep herder. Neutral colors are best, lest you spook the herd with a flash of neon. Appropriate footwear is a must for chasing after a runaway lamb.

A top with a zipper is great for peeling off the layers when working those scorching days in the fields. Shades help deflect the glare off the ponds where the herd goes for a drink.

The pants have a back pocket to store your flute when not engaged in playing a merry tune. Wait a minute, none of this matters because he’s not a real person. But if he were, he’s certainly dressed for the part.

#9 Well Supported Figure

Is this a classical statue or a Victoria Secret model? That bra suits her girls perfectly and is a nice complement to her alabaster skin.

Soon, all the female statues will want one. Standing around all day long takes it toll on the body. Not that these stone cold ladies have to deal with gravity like we do. They can hang everything out all day long for eternity and get by with just a crack or a scratch.

Come to think of it, we should ask for that bra back. That or find a way to stay in shape the ways these girls do, minus the cold hard surface.

#8 Dramatic Transformation

Funny how the artists chose to clothe this statue’s upper body and not hislower. The sole addition of a neon wind breaker does contrast greatly against the pearly white stone. Might be time for a tan.

Instantly one can imagine a story for this fellow that includes the sea, or rain and some kind of anguish thats clearly visible on this poor soul’s face.

Perhaps while walking along the beach with his lover, she slipped into the great ocean’s maw. He desperately throws himself in the path of a giant wave, yet also falls backwards onto the slippery rocks below. Of course, he might have just eaten a bad clam or something but we like our version better.

#7 Classically Hip

This poor stone soul. They stuck her in the worst outfit imaginable for her body type. Those kind of shorts only look good on 12 year olds. And Nike?? We’re thinking Laura Ashley might have at least suited the hairdo.

She looks like a kind of cleaner with that rag in her hand. Maybe they chose an outfit that would be amenable to her profession. You don’t want to be bending over and squatting in a mini and heels.

But what a difference a long dress would have made. One would then assume that cloth was a handkerchief given to her by a potential suitor. Clothes really do make a world of difference. Even digital ones on an ancient statue.

#6 Catalogue Boy- Statue Edition

We’re guessing the inspiration for this look came from glancing at the French equivalent of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue. These clothes give thesculpture a distinctive poster boy feel.

The original art piece appears to be a hunter or pig wrangler of some sort. But once that jean jacket and shorts go on, it’s like Justin Beiber gets reborn. Now all this boy needs is someone to carve him out a few teeny bopper fans falling over him with outstretched hands.

We’d bet he was a big hit with that ladies even before his snazzy new clothes. Not every guy can bag a hog that size for dinner. We just hope he doesn’t get any pig juice on those shorts. They look like hand wash only.

#5 Disk Man Gets Some Edge

Okay, we’re not entirely sure about this one. This guy looks like he’s pushing 60 and he’s dressed like a 20 year old. Even though he looks like he’s holdinga vintage IPod, it doesn’t mean he has to be dressed like a college freshman.

Maybe that’s what they were going for. After all, the concept is about contrasting the old and the new. He is buttoned all the way up in a grand-dad sort of way. But the ease in which he grasps his stone disk relays a youthful engagement with the world around him. Oh, if only these stones could talk. They might say, “get me a new stylist!”

#4 The Kids Are All Right

These kid statues look cute but are missing some pretty key elements to their winter looks. A full body snowsuit would really warm their hearts of stone. Sure the hats and mitts are easier to put on, but where’s the sense of accomplishment? And why is that boy dressed like a girl?

Maybe this was someone’s knitting project. No worries if they didn’t fit! The items do spice up these steely statues. Hopefully when it warms up they’ll get a wardrobe change.

#3 Fallen Angel

This angel looks a bit devilish. Someone has had a bit of fun dressing her up like a Goth Moulin Rouger. Not the look we would have chosen if given the chance, but each to their own.

Maybe she’s been in a good versus evil fight and one of the nasties tore her stockings and ripped off her dress. At least her wings appear to be intact.

The black lipstick does throw us off. God may have to have a talk with this young lady if she wants to stay in his good books. One bit of sass and she’ll be thrown back down to earth and working at Hot Topic before you can say boo.

#2 Tourist Attraction

This guy has been ironically dressed up like a tourist who so often takes hispicture when on a holiday in Europe. He’s all set with his giant camera bag and comfortable shorts. Let’s take some statue photos!

We’re not sure if those sausage fingers can handle the dainty buttons on that Nikon. Modern human fingers have evolved to scrawnier digits thanks tocomputers and other non outdoorsy office work.

All this guy needs are a few selfies for his facebook page and he’s good to go. His statue friends will be jealous of his righteous threads. Or they might just laugh hysterically at this get -up.

#1 What A Difference A Shoe Makes

Here we have an example of some classic French sculpture, featuring a canine and a Ked. We guess the shoes fits this statue’s foot as heshowcases it in its cherry red glory.

Even though the rest of the figure may also be entirely clothed, just this depiction of a shoe really contrasts well in this image. The ancient versus the modern, and the neutral against the vibrant draw the eye and alert us that there is something unique about the image.

Then the fact that it is a causal shoe says a lot about the wearer. Chances are he is young and causal. Most likely he enjoys ultimate frisbee and working on his screenplay at his local Starbucks. Of course this is entirely fictional but you get the picture. A little detail can spawn a lot of curious thought. Like why do people put clothes on statues.

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