27 May Sky Diver Immortalized in Bronze for UGN

UGN is known for their world class acoustical solutions to the auto industry. They hold a high standard for each of the Team Members and have seen one Team Member in particular make all the difference. David Jones retired late 2014 after 32 years at UGN. David was the epitome of our corporate culture and work ethic here and was known for his exceptional example and hard work. So much so that the President at UGN, Peter Anthony, wanted to honor David in a just as exceptional way. A bronze statue.

The bronze statue depicts a man skydiving, one of David’s favorite hobbies. Trying to sculpt such a statue was a different project for lead sculptor Matt Glenn. Trying to make the skydiver look as if it was falling and then playing around with different ideas of how to hold up the figure made Matt think out of the box. Matt worked closely with Alison Haverty to make sure each detail was as UGN wanted.

The David Jones award will now be given to one Team Member each year that exemplifies the UGN core values of trust, respect, and communication; is a role model for dedication to UGN’s business and customers; shows performance over and above the Team Member’s normal responsibilities, and; suggests a significant CI and/or financial contribution to business. The bronze statue will be displayed at UGN corporate head quarters for all to admire while a resin version, mounted on granite, will be produced each year as a keepsake for the recipient.



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