WWII Soldier and His Daughter Town of Cramerton, NC

February 12, 2023

This weekend the Town of Cramerton, a small town in North Carolina, proudly unveiled the much-deserved tribute to those who have served our country. The small town donated $10,000 to have a custom bronze statue of a WWII soldier with his daughter, representing the sacrifice and the sense of pride for their country. The statue was created by sculptor Matt Glenn and his team over the last 8 months. After the statue had been meticulously perfected, it was installed just in time for the unveiling on November 10, right in time for Veterans Day.The Mayor of Cramerton, Will Cauthen, stated, “We’ve been immensely successful… We’ve been very, very blessed in this process to have so many volunteers who are passionate about getting this memorial built.” The meaningful tribute created a sense of pride and unity within the community and will stand to do so throughout the years.