Travis Wimbush, Blakely, GA

April 18, 2024

Travis Wimbush is an amazing, humble, civil servant. Travis is God’s gift to all that truly know him. He is a true servant leader. Travis is a hard-working and dedicated husband, father, son and Mayor. He works a rotating shift job while serving as Mayor. Often times,  after working the night shift at the paper mill, Travis would then go and work a full day at city hall. Once Travis is committed to something, he sees it through. His Work ethic is second to none. His famous motto is. “Fair, Firm, and Consistent”.

He is known for being Bob the Cat Mascot while he was in High School. His legacy; Travis is also a Mortician.  He is well known for his stellar and compassionate care given to bereaved families. Families rave about the services he provides to families during the difficult time of a death. Also, Travis Wimbush was elected as the First African American Mayor of Blakely Georgia and the youngest Mayor ever elected in Blakely Georgia.

His wife, LaTasha, decided to have a statue of him made because his works in and around the city and community speak for him. No matter what he has
going on in his personal life, Travis always makes an effort to support everyone he can from attending little league games, high school games, pastor anniversaries, city and county commission meetings, funerals, and school board meetings. He personally awards scholarships to high school children as a way to give back to the community and to promote higher education. Travis’ love for the City of Blakely is unmatched. He does this while having a wife and family of his own. He does it and does not seek recognition for any of it.  

The statue will be located in Blakely, Georgia, either in City Hall, inside the newly renovated Al Hutchins community center, or around the historical City Square.