Spartan Statue Monsignor Edward Pace High School, FL

February 12, 2023

Monsignor Edward Pace High School recently debuted their new Spartan statue, designed and installed by Big Statues of Provo, Utah. The statue was modeled after a Spartan statue on display in New York, also the work of Big Statues and sculptor Matt Glenn, which recognizes the 3rd Brigade 10th Mountain Division stationed at New York's Fort Drum and nicknamed the Spartans. The base of the original Spartan statue features the names of members of the brigade who have died in service, honoring their sacrifice in defense of community and country. Monsignor Edward Pace also uses the ancient Spartan as its mascot, choosing to have the beautiful New York design recreated to represent the fierce, dedicated Spartan spirit the school and its students embrace. The Spartan statue is cast in bronze, standing high above the ground on a large plinth, and features the iconic Spartan helmet, shield, and spear, as well as a full set of historical Spartan armor. Monica Marziano, chief operating officer for the private high school, contacted Big Statues to commission the powerful statue for display on campus. Monsignor Edward Pace has been previously named as one the of top fifty Catholic schools in the nation by the Catholic High School Honor Roll, and has received recognition as a Blue Ribbon School by the United State Department of Education, a prestigious award reserved for schools with high levels of student achievement. The Spartan statue serves to remind Monsignor Pace students of the accomplishments and sacrifices of fellow Spartans, providing an inspiring example of hard work, service, and leadership for students to emulate. Monsignor Edward Pace High School's Spartan is no longer just a mascot that students cheer for during games, but a physical representation of the students and their campus. Thanks to the work of Big Statues, the Spartan statue exemplifies the spirit and qualities not only of the school, but of its sculptors. It provides Monsignor Pace students, and all others who are fortunate to pass by it, with a rare and beautiful example of what can be created with dedication, fortitude, and perseverance. The Spartan statue is now on display at the school's campus in Miami Gardens, Florida.