Our Lady of Wisdom Portsmouth, NH

February 12, 2023

James Broom, President of Saint Patrick Academy in Portsmouth, New Hampshire had a vision to create this marvelous white marble statue of Mary holding baby Jesus. Last month, his dream came to life with the installation of this beautiful statue. This sculpture, based on Italian design, was hand crafted from start to finish by Matt Glenn, CEO of Big Statues, with the help of Broom and his vision, as well as the community of Saint Patrick Academy.Saint Patrick Academy was planning on closing in June of 2017, but through hard work and a generous community, a new school was built. This statue was created for the grand opening celebration of the new catholic school, which happened to be the school’s 150th anniversary. Thousands gathered for the recent unveil of the statue on May 11, 2018, and it was nothing short of extraordinary.Upon the installation of the statue, Broom said, “Matt Glenn produced a masterpiece with the creation of Saint Patrick Academy’s Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Statue. It is not uncommon to see someone pause along the pathway to admire Mary holding the baby Jesus. The process was great, timely, and we are thrilled with the final product.” The statue can be seen on the campus of Saint Patrick Academy, and will be there to inspire and lift others for hundreds of years.