John Haggin / Miss Geico Speed Boat Racing

February 12, 2023

We love hearing feedback and stories from past clients, and John Haggin was no exception! He was so much fun to work with and we loved the opportunity he gave us to create a commemorative statue of his time spent on the Miss Geico Racing Team. We asked him a couple of questions about his experiences and he was able to provide us with a quick overview of how he got his start! From: John HagginVery Glad To Meet You,My racing career started on October 11th 1992. I was racing in A jersey speed skiff JS-77“Dazed And Confused” with my good friend Tom Sayward. We won the race, with the cash winning prizes going to the Fort Lauderdale Race For Hurricane Relief, I got the racing bug right after that!!!So I bought A 51’ outerlimits and with the magic of John Arruda from Turbine Marine. We installed two 1300hp Huey Helicopter Turbines and went on to set the world record for A performance yacht At 126mph which still stands to this day!! In 2004 GEICO became our AMF Teams sponsor In Destin, Florida and from there on my Miss GEICO Team won over 100 races and eleven world championships. I wanted A statue to commemorate all my fellow offshore racers that lost their lives racing in “The Sport Of King’s” and I’m damn proud I could do that!!!!John HagginAMF Offshore RacingMiss GEICIO Offshore Racing