French Bulldog "Toady", Spofford, NH

February 21, 2024

"Toady: A Tribute to a Beloved Companion"

Meet Toady, the beloved French Bulldog immortalized in bronze by Scot and Carroll Tolman. Commissioned with love, this statue stands as a testament to the cherished memories shared with their faithful companion.

The project began with a heartfelt desire to honor Toady's memory. Collaborating with the skilled artisans at the Big Statues Team, the Tolmans embarked on a journey to encapsulate Toady's essence in bronze. From the initial concept sketches to meticulous material selection and expert sculpting, every step was infused with care and dedication.

We were honored to participate in the creative process, facilitating the transformation of clay into a lifelike representation of Toady. The Unveiling was an emotional culmination of this journey—a moment of joy and remembrance for the Tolmans and all who knew Toady.

Through this beloved statue, we honor more than just a pet; we celebrate the enduring bond he forge with his human companions. As we reflect on the stories behind these monuments, we are reminded of the profound impact animals have on our lives.

Following the completion of the statue, the Tolman's shared this with us: "Matt and the Big Statues Team really captured the essence of our French Bulldog. The workmanship and artistry are excellent. We are pleased with the end result."

The 12lb Bronze replica of Toady resides at the Tolman's home in New Hampshire.