“Child in Time Out”, University of Hawaii

February 21, 2024

We created this lovely bench in memory of Professor Arthur W. Staats (1924-2021). He devoted his career to the understanding of complex human behavior and is best known for his work on the “token economy,” Psychological Behaviorism, unification of psychology, and creation of “Time Out."

During his tenure at the University of Hawaii, he developed and popularized the use of “Time Out” as an important and effective disciplinary technique for young children. Today the technique is well-known and used world-wide. He lived a rich a full life and was a beloved Dad, Papa On-the-Hill, and GGPa. This bench, created in his honor, is unique and notable. It brings great attention to both the individual memorialized and the institution where it is located.

Read about Arthus W. Staats and the "Child in Time Out Bench" here.