Bust of Joyce, Mesa, AZ

February 21, 2024

James Curley commissioned this lovely bust of his late wife Joyce. Following her passing, he struggled to find happiness in her memory due to the grief he experienced. After receiving the statue, he commented:

"The sculpture of my wife is better than I could have ever expected. Having her statue in the house and feeling her presence has helped me tremendously in my grieving process.  A photo in a book or placed in a drawer is out of sight and out of mind and could never bring the happiness that this statue has. It is like she is here with me and makes all the difference in the world.  Matt Glenn and the Big Statues Team are artists and geniuses at what they do."

Joyce’s bust currently resides in the entryway of their home, so all who enter can see it.  Everyone loves it and comments how beautifully it captures her essence. The bust preserves her memory and brings joy to her loved ones. Read more about Joyce and her wonderful legacy here.