Bob's Red Mill Corporate Office Milwaukie, OR

February 12, 2023

On February 15, 2019, Bob Moore had his 90th birthday celebration. He did not have to go out to a restaurant in order to celebrate with his friends and family because birthday Bob is the founder of Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Store.As a way to honor Bob Moore’s work, his employee-owned company commissioned the creation of a life-size sculpture of its founder Bob Moore. For this project, they called upon Big Statues an accomplished set of artists, whose work takes place at an art studio in Provo, Utah. Before his personal likeness was made into a statue, Bob Moore previously worked with master sculptor Matt Glenn of Big Statues to create a 14-inch-high, realistic bronze sculpture of a wheat kernel. This beautiful piece shows the anatomy of the seed. Bob Moore uses this artwork as a visual aid when he explains the nutritious value of different parts of the kernel.Matt Glenn, The CEO of Big Statues, created the life-size sculpture of Bob Moore with the help of Bob visiting the artist studio twice to give his measurements and work with them on the design. While at the studio, Bob and Matt got to know each other well. This helped Bob learn more about the sculpting process and helped Matt make a very realistic rendition of Bob as a life-size statue.Ultimately, four copies of the statue of Bob were made. One was placed at the company’s corporate offices and another was placed at the mill. The other two are used to send out to locations around the world to go on display in order to promote the company’s brand, increase brand awareness, and gain more attention on social media.