"Best Friends", Punta Gorda, FL

February 21, 2024

We were privileged to create this fountain sculpture for the Hoffer Family which resides at Peace River Gardens in Punta Gorda, Florida! It features 2 girls, 2 dogs, benches, and a splash pad. The sculpture has a water feature that is interactive where the dog receives the ball from each girl in turn, activated by a small trigger on the statue. We applaud the creativity and ingenuity of this project.

Erik and Diane Hoffer designed this larger than life sculpture featuring their German Shepherds, Fred and Farley, and their granddaughters, Leena and Helen. We studied photos to ensure the statues were life-like and accurately captured the essence of the granddaughters and worked closely with engineering experts to create the splash pad. Erik explains the beautiful significance and inspiration behind the sculpture:

“We see firsthand the incredible relationship people have with their pets. Dogs provide emotional support, physical therapy, companionship and so much more. We want to inspire people of all ages to embrace pet ownership and share in that spirit. This statue not only commemorates the loss of our treasured pets, it’s designed to create an interactive experience between the statue and visitors to the gardens.”

After two years of designing and creating, the sculpture was unveiled in December 2023 to friends and family of the Hoffers. The sculpture resides at what will soon be the entrance to the Children's Garden at the Peace River Gardens.

Learn more about this heartfelt tribute here!