10 Dec Nightmare Playgrounds

These grounds are NOT for the “kid in all of us”

These creepy masterpieces of sculpture and landscaping can be found in playgrounds not only in Russia (even though this is where the majority of photos come from) but also in China, East European Countries, and even in the US – anywhere the grass-roots creativity goes bad and the bad taste gets promoted, often unintentionally.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the bizarre stuff for kids, and some of the sculptures here are downright fascinating; but others are… well, ugly as hell.

Not only kids, but some more impressionable adults are in danger to become psychologically scarred from thinking too much about these monsters and letting them into their dreams. In some cases, visits to such playgrounds can even be considered an insurable hazard – leading to some successful lawsuits (just kidding).

At least this playground has a limited access:

But the following ones are all open to the public, including possibly the worst sculpture in history:

Did you ever dream of killing a crocodile with cutlery?
Here is your chance:

This sculpture was actually pretty cool (displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art). But back to the miserable playground examples:

Let’s have an intermission, so that you could take a breather from all this ugliness.

These are some of the locations for the playgrounds above:
– Moscow & St.Petersburg, of course
– Kharkov, Ukraine
– Minsk, Belarus
– Ivanteevka, Russia
– Odessa, Ukraine
– Prague, Czech Republic
– Stockholm, Sweden
– Akko, Israel
– even Basel, Switzerland

We would like to put a label “abandoned” on this photo series, but in most cases, these playgrounds are still in use, and children are playing freely among the manic sculptor’s nightmares.

OK, here is more! More of the surreal art NOT for kids:

And this is our favorite (the creepiest… do not bring your kids anywhere near)

Cool, Deeply Weird, Freaky – in everything in between

Some sculpted kids are climbing the TV tower in Prague – this is at least a deliberate art installation by David Cherny:

Cows also want to climb higher:

More weirdness in Prague:

The zombie sculptures are rising from the graves:

Cthulhu invites you for the ride! –

At least this Cthulhu has some class:
(a leather creation from Russia)

(image credit: bob-basset)

These rides are pretty much unmentionable:

If you’re tired of attractions, you can go play some cards (don’t play with the short one, it gets ugly):

or go see neighborly aliens:

Leaving playground for the streets actually does not help much:
(example from Uzbekistan)

We have to stop here (even though they are dozens of similar examples). Too much of that sculptural madness can make you very, very sad:

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