19 Sep CBS Game Show “Let’s Make A Deal” Commissions Utah Based Company, Big Statues, to Create a Beautiful Life Size Bronze Bust

“Let’s Make a Deal” is a television game show which originated in the United States in 1963 and has since been produced in many countries throughout the world. “Let’s Make a Deal” is hosted by comedian and entertainer Wayne Brady and has been consistently ranked the No. 2 daytime game show in the U.S. for the past four years and is up to 3.2 million daily viewers. Additionally, on a monthly basis, the show delivers more than one million online streams including social media content and prize giveaways. The entire show is improvised, which makes for some amazing television action and generates a lot of fun filled laughs.

CBS reached out to the renowned custom sculpture company Big Statues to create a life-size bust of the gameshows prize model, Tiffany Coyne, which will be used as part of the show that will premiere this coming Friday. Tiffany Coyne is an American model and the model on “Let’s Make a Deal,” having replaced Alison Fiori in 2009. The process of a bronze sculpture begins with an aluminum armature after which at that point the clay is added. The artists work off of photographs to create the likeness in the clay. Once the clay has been finished and the likeness is achieved, a silicone mold is created to complete the final look, after which the final casting takes place to create the bronze masterpiece. The final project is then complete with a stunning sculpture of Tiffany Coyne.

Matt Glenn, President of Big Statues, has worked on several busts throughout his career, and he loves seeing the reactions on the faces of those who requested the statue. “Everyone is always so shocked at how real we can make a bronze bust appear. It’s amazing. I love to be able to take someones idea, or the image of someone, and turn it into real life.” Big Statues continues to create sculptures and busts for other big companies, and they hope to make more with other game show networks in the future.


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