20 Jul Big Statues Completes Short Stop Statue for the Little League World Series


The Little League World Series is one of the biggest youth athletic events in the world. In the small town of Williamsport, PA, the birthplace of Little League Baseball, the statue series known as “Bases Loaded” was started as a celebration of the 75th anniversary. It’s a well thought out and creatively designed $225,000 privately-funded project.

Williamsport’s downtown Market Square intersection was modified into a baseball diamond with a backstop and 10 life-sized bronze statues representing Little League through the years. Little by little, per request, more and more statues have been added to the lively bronze rendition. Big Statues LLC has been blessed to be apart of this project from day one, and they are pleased to announce that they have just finished up a short-stop statue which will be added to the Bases Loaded project for the Little League series this coming August. Just as they have for the other creations, Big Statues has worked closely with Jason Fink to make sure that each statue has the accurate details, impeccable design, and inspires the community.

The Little League series is the heart and soul of the community, and part of the foundation of America. Statues of a first, second and third basemen, catcher, batter, three runners, umpire and manager make up the Bases Loaded project. The first, second and third basemen are in the uniforms of the first three teams in 1939: Lundy Lumber, Lycoming Dairy and Jumbo Pretzel. The base runners were created in different ethnicities and genders to show the diversity that has been brought to the great sport. The catcher is an African American boy in 1950s-era gear wearing Jackie Robinson’s No. 42. The batter, with a backstop behind him, represents all players of all eras, and the umpire who is in 1940s-50s gear represents the thousands of Little League volunteers.

Every time that Matt Glenn has been asked to undertake another statue for the Little League statue series, it’s always a fulfilling and exciting project for him. “It’s truly amazing to see how this project has brought the community together,” stated Matt. “When I have the opportunity to put my heart, soul and passion into a piece of art and witness as it brings happiness and smiles to those it’s intended for; that feeling is priceless.” The statue will be unveiled in next coming months as the Little League Series gets underway.

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