17 Oct Big Statues collaborate with Munni Arone to create unforgettable ‘Art for Peace’ Awards

Arts 4 Peace Awards are the first ever, collective celebration of the arts of every culture around the world. The purpose of these awards is to demonstrate to each nation how vitally important their culture is to the whole fabric of our world. Despite diversity and different cultures, it is through art that we can experience these cultures as one person with one creative mind and heart.

Big Statues has had the opportunity to create several awards that will be presented artists of all ages spanning seven continents, who will be sponsored locally and celebrated globally. Big Statues created the awards with Ms. Munni Irone of Beverly Hills. Known as the Beverly Hills Queen, Munni is the founder & president of the Awards. It is Ms. Munni’s desire to create a world that works for everyone with no one left behind.

The actual award represents and symbolizes several things. The dove that is sitting on the globe is changing the shape of the globe with love and peace. There are several various colors, expressing different cultures, faiths and nationalities in harmony with the wisdom and arts. The film reel at the bottom of the award represents the inspirational films that need to be produced to make a positive global impact.

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