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The Effect and Impact that Bronze Statues Play on Business’s 

Statues create interest and positive energy for your business in several ways. Every major athletic venue and stadium in the country, many well-known business corporations, and countless grand memorials throughout the world have one thing in common; they are all represented by a life-size bronze statue. Whether it is a mascot of the team, or simply a symbol or famous icon that has been erected, these statues create a connection between the brand and the consumers. They represent power and prosperity. They are the face of a certain culture.

There are multiple benefits that will immediately come to fruition with the beautiful addition of a bronze statue outside their business, and here is the top three.

  • The first is brand recognition. This bronze artwork will without a doubt instantly increase traffic to the brand name.
  • Second, it’s a status symbol. People subconsciously attach bronze monuments with high honors and achievement.
  • Third, it will last a lifetime and puts a business ahead of the competition by being a symbol of endeavor and stability for the future. Scott Warner is the owner and founder of Bam Bam’s BBQ, a huge hit in the West. He recently spoke about their statue of the giant pig, “Hamilton”, that sits out front of his highly successful BBQ restaurant that we installed for them. He stated, “I can’t believe more owners don’t install bronze statues outside their business to increase brand awareness. The growth that we had after the installment of the statue was absolutely staggering.”

Now is your chance to ride the wave of social media surge. This is your opportunity to increase brand awareness by creating a showstopper in front of your business and separating yourselves from the competition. Contact us today to get started!


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