05 Sep Yet another sporting great immortalized in bronze – this time, Baylor’s Robert Griffin III

We’ve mentioned sporting statues a lot in our blog posts here at Big Statues, but we don’t apologize for having another great one to report for all of you fans of custom made bronze statues. On this occasion, it’s Robert Griffin III of the Baylor Bears college football team who can celebrate being immortalized in bronze forever.

It’s not a small achievement that the man otherwise known as RG3 is being commemorated for – he is, after all, Baylor’s only Heisman Trophy winner. That was in 2011, and almost three years on from his playing days at Baylor, the man himself returned to a place that “will always be home for me.” He couldn’t have come back at a better time, given the new $266 million riverfront McLane Stadium that the Bears had to debut.

24-year old Griffin III may now be the third-year starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins, but he looked momentarily transported back to his college days for the unveiling of his bronze statue in the plaza at the stadium’s south end. He even said the pregame prayer, joined former President George W. Bush for the coin flip and served as guest conductor for the halftime performance of the Golden Wave Band.

Even so, he surely spent the most time on the big day simply being wowed by such an exceptional honor, commenting: “It still hasn’t hit me. I’m sure when we drop this curtain here, it will hit me. But this is something that will be here forever. And it’s a big day not for me, but for my family, for my future family, and I consider everyone here today family.”

Sure enough, many of RG3’s extended family were there to see the unveiling of the nine and a half foot monumental bronze statue itself. It was the work of West Texas native and now Arizona-based Tom White, whose sculpture depicts the braided Bears legend in a throwing motion. The level of detail is impressive, extending to visible veins on both legs as well as the signature towel in front.

In presenting the statue to the world, Director of Athletics Ian McCaw commented: “Robert has done so much to raise the bar for Baylor and to extend the university’s brand.

“When Robert won the Heisman in 2011, Baylor fans across the nation celebrated with him. We’re proud of him, proud of his accomplishments, and most of all proud of the incredible way that he always represents Baylor University. Robert, we’re grateful to have you here today to celebrate a dream that you’re very much a part of.”

We certainly consider it a well-deserved honor here at Big Statues, and can only congratulate Robert Griffin III on being the subject of this latest addition to the legion of sports-related custom made bronze statues, in addition to wishing him continued success for the rest of his still-young career.

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