09 May What Makes The Work Worth It

After working tirelessly to create a statue that is going to be what the friends and family members are expecting perfectly, you realize that the little things, are what matter the most. It’s the tiny details in the statues, that bring them to life. This letter that we received from one of our customers, is what makes the long work hours worth every second. Take a look:
“I’m late getting this done but I just found your card.
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on his statue.
Our family was so pleased and we all kept saying what a likeness it is.
Not only us but everyone in the community.
Yes, you did get the legs right!!!!
Every detail is perfect.
They would say “look at the hat, look at his shorts, look how perfect his socks and shoes were not to mention the face”.
We were so proud.
My son-in-law took a close up of his face and it is the first thing I see when I open my computer and it makes me smile each day.
He would never believe that this was done for him as he was a very humble man.
My twin grandsons just stood and stared forever.
We had trouble getting them to leave after the dedication.
Just wanted you to know how much you blessed all of us.
Thank You.
-U.W. and Family”
We are glad you enjoyed the statue!
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