29 May Ways to Keep Your Bronze Sculpture Looking New | How to Clean Bronze Sculptures

Ways to Keep Your Bronze Sculpture Looking New | How to Clean Bronze Sculptures

Whether you recently acquired a new bronze statue or have one that has been in your possession for some time, keeping it looking its absolute best and learning how to clean bronze properly are important functions if you wish to show it off to others. Knowing how to clean bronze statuettes properly will also aid in prolonging its original appearance. Here are some tips to help you learn how to remove oxidation from bronze so it retains its shine, how to clean bronze statuettes appropriately, and how to polish bronze like a pro.

How To Keep An Outdoor Bronze Statue Looking Like New

Outdoor statues tend to lose their shiny appearances as precipitation, the sun’s rays, and dust accumulation occur. Knowing how to make a bronze sculpture looking like new will boost its overall appearance instantly. Apply a layer of clear wax to all bronze at least once or twice a year. This type of product is found in home goods, hardware, or auto supply stores. Check the label to ensure the product has no chemical solvents included in the ingredients as this will alter the finish of the bronze. After application, your statue will gleam rather than appear bland. The application of this oil rubbed bronze finish will also keep the bronze piece well protected from the elements until another application is conducted.

How To Patina Bronze For An Aged Look

Many people enjoy the appearance of bronze that has a slightly aged look rather than one that shimmers. Patina is a greenish hue that accumulates on bronze over time. It is caused by oxidation. If you wish for your piece to have a patina finish, limit the cleaning sessions you perform. It is necessary to continue with dust removal and polishing, however, keeping your bronze piece in an area where there is no limit of oxygen is necessary.

Properly Cleaning A Bronze Statue Or Sculpture

It is important to take the time to clean your bronze piece regularly so it does not suffer from dust accumulation or oxidation. Many people do not know how to clean bronze statues properly. The process can be done with household agents and tools you most likely already have in your possession or that can be easily purchased from a nearby store. Alternately, you can use a commercial bronze cleaner along with dusting and vacuuming your piece to keep it looking its best.

Removing Dust Or Loose Debris From Your Bronze Piece

Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove loose debris from your bronze piece. If the piece has engravings or grooved portions present within it, a small paintbrush works well at removing particles. When using a vacuum cleaner attachment, be sure to hold it slightly away from the sculpture or statue. This will minimize the risk of scratching the piece. Dusting your piece on a routine basis will minimize the need for vacuuming. Use a piece of soft cloth or a feather duster to do the trick.

The Cleaning Process Necessary For Bronze Pieces

Coconut oil is a natural food item that works well at removing tarnish and patina from a bronze sculpture or statue. It will not discolor the bronze and is not toxic to those who handle it. Use a dab of coconut oil on a piece of microfiber cloth for the best results. After this primer is applied, mix two cups of distilled water with one tablespoon of dish soap. Dip a clean cloth in the solution and use it to clean caked on grime from your bronze piece.

Properly Removing Tarnish From A Bronze Statue

Tarnished areas of a bronze statue or sculpture make it appear worn and lackluster. To remove tarnish effectively, make a paste with equal parts of salt, flour, and vinegar. Mix the ingredients well until they form a paste. Place this paste wherever tarnish is noticed and let it sit for at least five minutes before removing it with a clean, damp cloth. Afterward, polish the statue with a dry, clean cloth.

Restore Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish And Add Shine

Many people wonder how to restore oil rubbed bronze finish. This is easily done by using a cut-up lemon and some salt. Dip half of a lemon in salt and rub it over all tarnished spots on your bronze sculpture or statue. Dry the piece with a clean piece of cloth. Use a circular motion when drying to buff the bronze. Afterward, a clear coat of wax will help to protect the finish from further tarnishing.

Properly Storing Bronze Pieces

The way you store your bronze pieces will make an impact on their overall appearance. If you have a piece outdoors, position it in an area where it will not be subjected to an abundance of precipitation. Place your item in a shaded area or position it on a front porch to limit the exposure to moisture. A spot where the bronze piece is not in direct sunlight is also best.

Inside, a bronze statue or sculpture will fare well in an enclosed space. Shelves enclosed in a glass case will limit the amount of dust that accumulates on the piece. If you want to showcase your item, consider using small spotlights to illuminate it effectively. Limit the amount of time the bronze piece is illuminated, however. Enclosing bronze pieces will also aid in keeping them from being accidentally dropped or knocked off of a display area. They will also be protected from the potential of scratching or nicking due to everyday tasks in the home or office. Make sure to give your attention to one piece at a time when cleaning bronze as well.

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