05 Dec Veterans Memorials

Big Statues has honored and helped others honor our wonderful Veterans who have fought for our freedom.  We recognize the need and importance to remember them and thank them beyond our abilities.  Not only should we remember the veterans, but also their families, animals, and all others who helped and made sacrifices during the war.  We would not be living in freedom if it weren’t for all of them.  Recently, Matt has sculpted various Bronze Veterans Memorials, specifically in Houma, Louisiana, where the statues actually made the front page in their newspaper! Woo-hoo!  This project was in memory of Vietnam veterans and their war dogs.  Their unveiling also marked the grand opening of the My Heart’s Desire Pet Adoption Center in Houma.  Diane Baker, the owner of the adoption center, in talking about the event and statues said “I cried because I was happy, and I cried because I was sad.”  This is the exact emotion we hope to convey with these Veteran statues.

Matt has also recently done a Bronze Veteran Statue in Greencastle, Pennsylvania and Altamont, Utah.

 Life size bronze statue of Veteran and his War Dog   Life size Bronze War Dog

Bronze Statue of Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Bronze Statue of Vietnam Veteran

We want to honor them while remembering the sacrifice they made for our country.  We want to publicly thank all our Veterans;

we are forever in their debt.

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