13 May The Top 11 Most Famous Golf Statues From Around The World

The Top 11 Most Famous Golf Statues From Around The World

Golf statues inspire, inform and entertain. In the sport of golf, these three elements present opportunities to commission the perfect golf statue. Let’s see how a Big Statues professional helps you as his client in selecting a golfer statue that offers an all important first glimpse of the qualities of a premier golf course that, for example, a first time user needs to know.

Why choose an outdoor golf statue?

More direct than a business sign, an outdoor golf statue points the way to the challenging game of golf because a statue is worth a thousand words, to paraphrase the famous adage. Your Big Statues contact conveys dedication to his chosen sport by showcasing landmark golf products for you to commission. A professional helps you choose from various themes:

  • a tribute to an individual
  • a famous moment in golf history
  • a challenging course
  • personal themes such as golf garden statues

What should a statue’s material be?

The next thing to consider is the outdoor environment. Storms, floods, and earthquakes are only a few natural forces that may affect a treasured statue. It makes good sense to select strong materials such as bronze or marble for your project. For instance, in a clear, open air space in front of the clubhouse, a marble statue atop its plinth stands out impressively. On the course, which likely includes forested areas, a series of bronze golf statues set among the trees will make your course a memorable one.


What are some famous commissioned outdoor golf statues?

Now that you’ve decided upon a theme, material, and your professional contact has inspired you with famous golf photos and a catalog of golf statues for sale, let’s review examples of the art of outdoor golf statues:

  • Pinehurst Putter Boy: This iconic 1912 bronze statue of a charming boy represents all the young golfers who matured into sports enthusiasts. It is two feet high and encourages players near the Pinehurst putting green because the famed golf course architect, Donald Ross, modeled the stance of Pinehurst Putter Boy.
  • Colonial Lodge Stone Harbor: Golf course architect Desmond Muirhead declared that his Colonial Lodge Stone Harbor would contain a par 72, 6922 yard course that would enthrall the golfing public, and it did. Its golf shop not only supplies golf clothing for both men and women, but mementos of their play by providing golf figurines sculptures to take home.
  • Tradition Golf Club: The Tradition Golf Club in La Quinta, California, is the only course of twenty that Arnold Palmer designed where he lived and played. An Arnold Palmer bronze statue in full swing complements the desert mountain background.
  • Tralee Golf Club: County Kerry, Ireland, boasts Arnold Palmer’s bronze statue overlooking the green in a relaxed pose as if he completed an outstanding game. Like the man himself, this statue is built on a larger than life scale.
  • Pinehurst Golf Club: Once again, we return to Pinehurst to view the thrilling victory fist pump of Payne Stewart after his 1999 U.S. Open 15-foot par putt on the 72nd green. Stewart’s legacy lives on as his bronze statue brings home his exuberant gifts to the game of golf.
  • Tiger Woods Learning Center: Just outside the lobby of the center, which is set next to a municipal golf course, stands the duo of Tiger Woods and his father, sculpted in bronze to welcome the next generation of students. Young golfers may well be inspired by the camaraderie shown between Tiger and his nurturing father.
  • The Ocean Course at Hokuala: In a themed series of golf lawn statues, a marble camel adds whimsical atmosphere to the Hawaiian course that famous Japanese golfers such as Isao Aoki and Masashi Ozaki term one of the most beautiful in the world.
  • Royal Links Golf Club: The Las Vegas resort offers recreations of some features from the famous Old Course at St. Andrews, and the bronze statue of a young caddy in knickerbockers presenting just the right club to his man makes a charming allusion to the influence of golfers from the United Kingdom.
  • The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort, County Laois, Ireland: Seve Ballesteros quotes echo throughout the sports world, but his simple “I miss, I miss, I miss, I make” rings true to golfers everywhere. The bronze statue in The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort in Ireland depicts Seve at the acme of action, just completing his swing in a graceful arc.
  • Augusta National Golf Course: A bronze statue of Bobby Jones sits off the first fairway and depicts the master in full concentration as he tees off. Jones shared his technique freely during the 1920s and beyond in a series of films.
  • British Golf Museum, St. Andrews, Fife: Here at the cradle of golf stands a bronze statue of Old Tom Morris, Keeper of the Green from 1864 to 1903. The keen expression of Morris shows watchfulness over both the grounds and golfers.


Now that your Big Statues contact has guided you through choosing the correct theme and material, helped you select from many inspirational examples such as the Payne Stewart statue using Arnold Palmer clubs and even an Arnold Palmer statue, you are ready to commission the perfect golf club sculpture.


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