20 Dec The Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine Jr. joins with his community to unveil a Memorial to his Father.

The Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine Jr, has always had a love for football. He and his father, not only shared the same name, but shared a passion for the game of football. Mike Pettine Jr. spent his life learning from his ‘precise’ and ‘confident’ coach, which eventually led him to becoming the defensive coordinator for multiple NFL teams. When his father suddenly passed, not only his family, but also the entire community stepped up.

A life size custom bronze statue was created by Big Statues to memorialize this amazing man and the incredible life he lead inspiring others to be their best and try their best. This statue will remind those at Central West Bucks High School and others around the country of Mike Pettine’s vast and far reaching legacy. His son stated, “It’s great to be able to remember him not as a shell of himself, and not dying inch by inch”

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