08 Jul Statue Stories: Joseph Sauma

We are starting a new thing here at Big Statues, and we are calling it Statue Stories. We get all kind of projects from people to dogs, cows to plaques, and everything in between. We usually know a small part of their “story” or why the statue is being commissioned but sometimes we hear a little more than just the few sentences and have learned that the statues we create really have a story and we want to share those stories with you. We’ve found that each statue we have done has a deeper meaning and we’ve loved learning about it.

So, to start off our new blog series, “Statue Stories” we are going back to the a fews years to when we did a statue of Joseph Sauma, born Youssef Sauma, who was a Lebanese immigrant.  Mr. Sauma was an influential man in countless peoples lives; including the patrons of his company, American International Supermarket Food.  His statue, positioned in front of his company’s headquarters, was commission by Mr. Sauma’s family to serve as a reminder of the rewards of perseverance and hard work.

His son, Suhayl, gave us a little more insight on the statue and said:

“When our family decided to dedicate a statue to our father in front of the main entrance to our family owned business, the objective was to honor a man who throughout his life has given everything he has or ever received, to others. Beyond material possessions, Joseph Sauma gave his family and employees better opportunities in life. He was later rewarded with a family who works together and lives tightly close to each other, and who has adopted his beliefs and high standards. Every morning when family members of 2 generations, as well as employees and guests, pass in front of his statue, it acts as a constant reminder that there is continuity in any life well lived, and a higher mission that awaits us all. Joseph was simply a “GRAND” father who made us what we are, and for that we will continue to honor him every day.”

Here’s to you Joseph Sauma.


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