03 Nov Statue of Liberty given bow ties for Halloween

Halloween is a time of year when many of us think long and hard about what to wear that is suitably scary, without making us look like a bad extra from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Well, the Joe Boxer founder Nick Graham reckons that he has the perfect sartorial touch to add to one of the most iconic statues on the planet.

You’d never guess on your own, so we’re just going to tell you – the Statue of Liberty is set to don some snazzy bow ties for its own October 31. Obviously, with Lady Liberty being somewhat more generously proportioned than our own life size sculptures here at Big Statues, it goes without saying that she requires suitably large bow ties – and sure enough, they will measure some 60 feet, weighing 35 pounds.

There are a lot of reasons for this apparent madness, of course, beyond the simple celebration of a holiday. The stunt is being pulled as part of the launch of Graham’s eponymous menswear brand, and nor will the iconic statue strictly ‘wear’ the bow ties, which would necessitate a permit from the National Park Service. Instead, they will simply be hovered in front of the statue by helicopters, giving the outward impression that Lady Liberty is wearing them.

Those helicopters won’t even merely tend to New York City’s most instantly recognizable statue, as they will also take the bow ties across the Hudson and East River. That’s according to Graham himself, as quoted by USA TODAY Network. As the Canadian businessman and entrepreneur put it: “It’s going to be a big collection, so what better way to launch it than the Statue of Liberty?”

He continued: “One [bow tie] is black with white dots and one is orange with white dots. I want this to be the first dress-up on Halloween, so that’s the reason that we’re doing it at 8 a.m. in the morning.” USA TODAY Network reported that the event would continue for several hours.

Graham confirmed that approval for the stunt had been secured by the body that controls the airspace around the statue, the Federal Aviation Administration. He added that the plan was very much meant in good fun, declaring: “Let’s dress up America. That’s what I’m really all about!”

It’s certainly a stunt that we simply have to see here at Big Statues. After all, it makes quite a difference from what we would usually do with our own life size sculptures!

By: Nick Graham

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