13 Oct Sculptures Worth Their Weight in Gold

A unique collection of outdoor sculptures will be unveiled Fall 2014 in Worth County, Iowa. The sculptures will be positioned in various cities including Northwood, Fertile, Manly, and Grafton. The statues chosen will depict a figure that represents each town, and their rich history.

Manly’s statue is a Rock Island Train Conductor. The conductor, shown holding a lantern in his right hand and holding a pocket watch in his left, is a representation of the resolute and hard working attitude of the community.

Grafton’s statue, which depicts a turkey, displays a symbol that already hold significance for the city. The turkey, which has a history of giving the town it’s livelihood, is depicted as majestic and rustic.

The collection features the work of Utah based artist Mathew Glenn. Glenn, an experienced artist, adopted the project with enthusiasm. That spark, combined with the natural spark ofWorth County, has produced the collection of unforgettable sculptures.


Manly Conductor

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