29 Jun Sculptor Creates Life-Size Statue of Gurudeva for Kauai’s Hindu Monastery

Bronze sculpture artist Holly Young is creating a life-size bronze statue of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami( 1927-2001), also known as ‘Gurudeva’, to honor a lifetime of service as the spiritual leader of the Saiva Siddhanta Church in the Kauai Hindu Monastery of Hawaii’s Garden Island.

These pictures depict Young’s progress of the custom bronze sculpture she is creating in her studio. She notes there is much still to be done, such as the refinement of the robes, that will actually show the weave of Gurudeva’s cotton robes, once complete.Yet members on the Garden Island are already applauding her for the powerful details and spirit the bronze statue conveys.

After this step is complete, the artist will turn the wax mold into a life-size bronze monument that will evoke Gurudeva’s robes as if they are flowing in space. The final life size statue will be set on top of a base placed inside a giant bronze sculpture in the shape of a lotus.

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