01 May Nine-Year-Old Boy Killed by Wreck Less “Hit and Run” Driver Memorialized in Bronze

On a warm afternoon Eli was playing outside and was just nine years young when he was hit by a wreck less driver and killed. His little helpless body was dragged around for about a quarter of a mile before being abandoned by the driver. With such a tragic event taking place Eil’s mother, Chenda, wants her little boy to be remembered in a positive and special way. Chenda said that Eli  “had a heart of a lion” and loved all those around him unconditionally. Eli’s mother wanted that love to live on and be remembered so she turned to Big Statues to do so. Loosing Eli not only had an effect on the family but also to the community. Eli, who was known as “King Eli” through the neighborhood, will be remembered in bronze holding a king’s crown with his angel wings on his back.

Each part of this statue is being carefully created by main sculptor Matt Glenn. He pays close attention to each feature of Eli so that he can portray not only what Eli looked like but also bring in his bright loving personality. To really get to know who Eli was and all that he meant to his family Chenda sent many pictures of Eli with his younger brother along with the letter she read at his funeral. One of the parts that really touched us here that we felt has helped the most in creating Eli goes as the following:

“Thank you [Eli], for your unstoppable and unconditional love you gave us all and still continue to do so. Your love radiates through your beautiful smile. Momma and daddy are so proud of you; we give thanks to our Lord for your courage, your wisdom, your beauty and brilliance. Elijah Xander you always wanted to be someone special; a great leader, a difference maker and one day have your name in the hall of fame, well baby you did it!”

Through the process of creating this bronze statue, pictures will be sent to Chenda to make sure this custom statue looks just as she is wanting it. Many changes big and small will be made to the statue to make sure it is perfect. The statue will be place by Eli’s grave site where it will stand out and shine like a diamond. This statue of Eli will not only immortalize all that he meant to his family but will also be detailed to perfection and help a little boy’s larger than life love live on.

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