19 Sep New Sculpture Unveiled at the Marine Science Institute – Texas

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute unveiled a new bronze sculpture on its campus in Port Aransas this weekend.

The bronze sculpture, named “Interdependency,” highlights the complex dependencies and interactions among various animals and plants in marine ecosystems.

Designed by renowned sculptor Kent Ullberg, Interdependency is composed of 51 individuals of 48 species of marine life, from dolphin and swordfish to seastars and plankton, that fuse together to form a tarpon  more than eight feet in length.

“This is the most complex of any sculpture I’ve ever made,” said Ullberg at the unveiling ceremony. “It is my celebration of the interdependence of the marine system and is symbolic of the interdependence of all of nature.”

Ullberg is recognized as one of world’s foremost wildlife sculptors, with installations across the world.

Interdependency was made possible through a generous donation from the Jack and Valerie Guenther Foundation of San Antonio, Texas.

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute (UTMSI) is the oldest and most significant marine research facility on the Texas coast dedicated to understanding the world’s oceans and coasts and educating a global population dependent on the ocean ecosystem. Research focuses on marine ecosystems, fish biology, and marine chemistry. The institute is headquarters for the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve.

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