01 Dec Monuments to Honor Police, Firefighters

Two monuments went up in Scranton Tuesday morning to honor fallen police officers and firefighters.

The 10,000 pound monument outside of the Scranton Police Department swung into place around 11 a.m.

Workers layed down the foundation, and installed two larger monuments on top.

It’s part of a more than a decade-long private effort to honor fallen police officers and firefighters.

“It’s very important. It’s to honor the men and women who give of their lives every day, fighting fires or protecting us,” said Scranton City Controller Roseanne Novembrino.

It took workers about four-and-a-half hours put the monument at the police department.

In downtown, another monument went up outside of city hall. It’s named after Ben Franklin, the first firefighter.

Granite was set for both. In about a month, life-size bronze statues will be put up.

“We’ve got two life-sized bronze statues coming. For the police department it’s a policeman holding a child’s hand and for the fire department it was a firefighter carrying a child out of a fire,” explained Jason Parise of Monuments by Parise.

The two monuments cost $50,000 each and it took the committee about 12 years to raise the money. Novembrino said it was worth the wait.

“It is a dedication to their lives and everything they gave to us, so I’m very proud to be part of it,” Novembrino added.

A dedication ceremony is planned for next month.

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