23 May Media tsunami: sculpture by David Mach

The Scottish sculptor, David Mach, creates installations from commonplace waste or found objects used in innumerable quantity. The sheer repetition of the object reduces it to a kind of pixel in a giant image; in itself not particularly important, but combined in their multitude, able to depict any image in infinite detail.

This installation from 2012 depicts a massive and devastating flood, swirling and gushing on a sea of magazines, each of which is precisely placed to create the illusion. It is a tsunami of media, engulfing the trinkets of life.

Yet, when experienced, this installation conveys more, or at least more vividly, the scale of such an event within the confines of an art gallery, than printed media ever could. Assuming of course that the media is used in the traditional way and read!

Take a trip to the artist’s website to see some other sculptures where his virtuosity with found objects is more fully revealed.

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