06 Feb Little girls sculpture ready for bronze

Matt has recently completed the clay work for another sculpture! And a cute one at that.  I think this is one of my favorites!  The sculpture depicts two little girls playing on a playground toy.  Fred Quinn, the girls’ Grandpa, contacted us to do the sculpture as a gift for his wife.

Matt has been working on this sculpture for quite some time, and it was all worth it!  He looked as several pictures as he was sculpting to ensure he got it just right.  Here is the main photo the sculpture was based off of:

girls playing

And I think he did!  The statue captures the girls’ likeness as well as their fun, loving, playtime emotions. Here is the finished clay work:

Ready for mold

We can’t wait to see it in bronze!  Not only is this a wonderful gift, it will also be fun for the girls to see how they were as young girls once they are all grown up.  What a great and timeless gift!

Our goal at Big Statues is to create personal artwork that others will love and connect to.  Even though we do not know this family personally, we know that they will soon love their new statue and be forever happy that they were able to freeze this moment in time to always remember.

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