30 Jan Limited-Edition Line of Hand-Sculpted Bronze Sculptures to be Sold

Big Statues is releasing a limited-edition line of hand-sculpted, bronze sculptures, on a marble and walnut base.

The sculpture depicts the true essence of a Grizzly Bear fishing for a Steal Head fish, portraying the realistic action and movement of an actual bear.  The bear is elevated and supported by rocks and moving water also depicted in bronze.  Intertwined with the rocks and water are three fish, with immaculate detail, that portray the true imagery of this beautiful and unique glimpse of wildlife.

Only twenty-two sculptures have been hand sculpted and will be sold to private buyers located around the country.

The complete dimensions of each sculpture are 19 by 19 inches.

If you would like more information on how you can purchase these or other bronze works by Matt Glenn, contact big statues at 801-373-5540


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