24 Apr Interactive light and laser sculpture

Interactive installations are hot these days. In December I blogged about Textscapes, a wall of words at the Vienna International Airport that changes in response to the number of people walking through the terminal at any given time. Now comes Fluidic, an interactive light sculpture designed by WhiteVOID and the Hyundai Advanced Design Center that debuted at Milan Design Week earlier this month. The installation contains 12,000 luminescent spheres, suspended together to make a kind of alluringly amorphous organic form. Lights and lasers play off the spheres, and a 3D scanning system detects spectators’ body heat, allowing onlookers to use gestures to manipulate the light patterns that evolve across the spheres. If you get into it, my sense is that the installation allows you to feel as though you’re interacting with something primordially essential, or maybe, instead, a kind of benign and welcoming futuristic life form.

Fluidic 2.jpgFluidic 1.jpg

Visit: http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/brainiac/2013/04/an_interactive.html

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