26 May Life-sized Statue Stolen from the Revere Public Library

It’s been about 10 years since the life-size bronze statue of a 5-year-old girl reading a book was placed in front of the Revere Public Library, and in that time she’s become iconic. But now she’s gone. In an unbelievable act of vandalism, the little girl statue in front of the Revere Public Library on Beach Street was stolen at some point on Easter Sunday during what Revere Police say was a mini crime spree in the area. Interim Library Director Mark Ferrante said that they are heartbroken. “Short of putting out an Amber Alert on her, so to speak, we want her back very badly,” he said. “She definitely has become the symbol of the library. She’s on our cards, our website and our letterhead. Everyone likes to see her and we’ve already had a lot of people asking what has happened to her and if she’s coming back.” The iconic statue was placed in the front garden near the library entrance on a slab of granite nearly 10 years ago. It was placed there in honor of the Revere Public Library’s 100th Anniversary. Police indicated that the theft coincides with a number of house breaks that occurred on Sunday in the Eustis Street and Beach Street area. It is believed that the statue would have been taken to a scrap metal yard to sell for cash, so officials believe that time is of the essence in alerting everyone so as to reclaim the piece. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Revere Police Det. Lynn Romboli with information. She can be reached at (781) 284-1212.

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