23 Jun Life-Size Superman Statue Featured at Hero Complex Film Festival

Fans visiting this years Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA will have an opportunity to take a photo with a life-size replica statue of Christopher Reeve as Superman.

The life-like statue was created by British sculptor and artist Mike Hill who is building an international reputation as a master in his field. According to the LA Times, Hill has worked frequently with horror film icons as his subjects but in creating this caped tribute to the late, great Christopher Reeve, Hill tapped into something more sentimental from his own past.

“I made this piece to remind me of my youth,” the 42-year-old renowned sculptor said. “As adults we forget the magic moments that forged our childhood dreams. For me ‘Superman’ still ignites that little boy who couldn’t afford popcorn watching an uplifting and incredibly exciting superhero save the planet. I believed a man could fly… and I still do.

“This figure was sculpted in clay from various stills of Mr. Reeve,” Hill added. “The real life sculpture was then reproduced in silicone rubber and fiberglass. The skin is painted in layers to reflect human skin tones. The acrylic eyes are custom made to match Reeves’ own. Each hair is punched into place one at a time. The costume is an exact replica of the original.”

The Hero Complex Film Festival takes place June 9 – 12 and will feature a screening of “Superman: The Movie” and “Superman II: The Donner Cut” beginning at 4pm on Saturday.

Director Richard Donner, who is the guest of honor at this year’s festival, will be interviewed on stage between the two films.

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