17 Sep Large Bronze Sculptures – Its Technique and Importance

Sculpture – A Beautiful Form of Public Art

A custom bronze sculpture is said to be one of the important forms of public art. People who are fond of sculptural art buy sculptures for their homes and gardens. Besides representing the wealthy status, sculptures also add in the background of the environs. During the ancient times, the sculptures were carved and modeled in stone, wood and metal. But modernism has brought complete freedom in sculptural materials and processes. Today, sculptures are made from bronze and various stones.

Custom Bronze Sculptors

Bronze Sculptures

Bronze has the desirable property of slight expansion that fills the finest details when molding. It slightly shrinks after cooling and thus separates easily from the mold. Because of its ductility and strength, it is being used for sculpting large bronze sculptures.

The Technique of Making Bronze Sculptures

Big Statues is well known for making high quality large bronze sculptures. Their technique of making sculptures is professional and systematic.

  1. The design team of the company creates a sketch from a photo or an idea.
  2. The design is finalized with the help of the samples of materials, drawing and a miniature clay mold.
  3. A 14-inch model of the statue is finalized to visualize the project in 3D.
  4. A steel frame is made with foam to protect the rough outline of the statue. The sculpting begins after it is sealed with a latex coating.
  5. The first block is made by applying hundreds of pounds of hot clay by hand. Every tiny detail is added, subtracted, molded and sculpted to make the statue a quality work of art.

Big Sculptors

Various agencies place in their vicinity large bronze sculptures made in remembrance of those who gave their lives for the nation.

Current Projects of Big Statues

Big Statues is currently working on several new projects like District Judge Christopher Brown, Woman Healing Soldier, Reverend Arthur T. Jones, Jerry Riding his Horse, Police Officer Memorial, Project Sketch of Texas Monument, etc.

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