27 Oct Jimi Jamison Sculpture Created for Hard Rock Cafe

Jimi Jamison, best known as the lead vocalist for 1980s hit band Survivor, died at 63 after suffering a heart attack on August 31st this year.
The event spurred the emotions of those closest to him. All of the love from his friends and family turned into action and they decided to have a sculpture erected in his honor.
The statue, created to commemorate his countless accomplishments, will be unveiled Sunday the 26th of October at the Hard Rock Café in Memphis, Tennessee. The statue depicts Jamison during a performance, microphone in hand, while he sings.
Created by Utah sculptor, Matt Glenn, the statue pose was chosen to show the immense passion and talent Jamison had for music.
“I want everyone who sees the statue to feel the huge impact Jimi Jamison had on so many people’s lives through his music,” said Glenn.
The event is turning out to be an enormous celebration of Jamison’s life, and many in attendance can see the gratitude in those involved in the creation of the bronze statue.

Jimi Jamison

Photo By Sheryl Robinson
Photo by Sheryl Robinson

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