21 Jun Jimi Hendrix-Pat O’Day monument unveiled at gala event with Seattle rock royalty

A gala affair to unveil a bronze statue depicting Jimi Hendrix and Pat O’Day, called the “Hendrix-O’Day Music Matters Monument” was hosted by Gunnar Nordstrom Art Gallery in Bellevue, Washington this weekend.  The event brought out many iconic Seattle rock music legends, including O’Day, who in the ’60s was the top rock-n-roll DJ in Seattle and would go on to run Concerts West. Event-goers tasted hor d’oerves while taking a look at the many paintings and photographs, some of Hendrix, and a video that explained the project.

The bronze monument depicts Hendrix and O’Day shaking hands, based on a 1968 photo of the two. The 9-foot bronze monument will be sculpted by son Jerry O’Day and is scheduled for completion in 2012. It is expected to be installed at Seattle Center in time for their 50th anniversary celebrations. While the location is yet to be determined, many suggested that the Experience Music Project, located there, would be a perfect spot. The EMP is devoted to music and includes a large museum display of Hendrix artifacts.  The monument will be a significant effort towards memorializing Hendrix’s legacy in Seattle.

An amazing group of Seattle’s rock royalty gathered at the event, including Alan White (John Lennon, George Harrison, Yes), and his wife Gigi, devoted supporter of Music Aid Northwest; founding members of Heart, Roger Fisher (lead guitar and vocals ’73-‘79), Steve Fossen (electric bass guitar and percussion, ’73-’82) Micheal DeRosier (drums, ’75-’82), and Scott Olsen (guitars ’95-’98, ’02-’03); bassist for Queensryche, Michael Wilton, Pamela Moore,  Stevie Ademak, (Bighorn, The Allies), Somar Macek (Heart By Heart)  Leon Hendrix, Jimi’s brother; Don Wilson of The Ventures; Lee Oskar of Eric Burden’s War, and Randy Hansen, Hendrix impersonator extraordinaire.  Also Jesse Higman, artist for legendary bands such as Heart, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden. Pat O’Day, (author of “It Was All Just Rock-n-Roll”) and his family were there, including his former wife and his sons Jerry O’Day, (artist of the sculpture), and Garry. Kevin Murphy (O’Day Media Group; and promoter for Beatles band, Crème Tangerine) was also in attendance.

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