14 Mar Interesting Public Artwork, Worldwide

Public Bean

When considering relocating to a new town don’t forget to add “Public Art” to your Quality of Life criteria. Tourists most likely factor in well-known works to see on short stints, but too few recognize the varied benefits of a public art program in the city they’re considering for their new home. Here are just a few reasons why public art matters.

It Looks Good

Traffic LightAside from the obvious thought that it’s interesting to look at and that it might inspire you and/or make you think, it also gives you and your friends easy landmarks to name for picnics, coffee meet ups, birthday parties, etc. Walking through neighborhoods that have sculptures, murals, mosaics and interactive pieces spell Big City, even in the smallest towns. Plus when public art is eclectic and well-maintained it makes a town look good for other reasons. It says to both residents and visitors alike, We – such and such city – are a prosperous place that cares about our people. Think such intrinsic goodies don’t affect your emotional well-being? Visit a town that offers nothing in the way of public art and see how it makes you feel to be there.

It’s Good Business

As mentioned, if the works are interesting enough or of high enough caliber then it will quite naturally draw outsiders in. And those visitors need a place to sleep, places to eat, etc. Heads in Beds is the name of the game and if you add substantial pieces to interesting architecture you’re paving the way to becoming a city people smile about, like Chicago. Seriously, who can walk past that huge silver bean without getting a big old goofy smile on their face?

Public Art - Phonebox

Like Draws Like

Many artists draw inspiration from a variety of sources, and not all within the same medium that they work in. Say a writer cycles by a bronze sculpture every day and it continually works on her subconscious until it becomes a key element in her next award-winning story; even the most laid-back towns love having talented people call their region home. A painter can be inspired by a writer, a pastry chef by a painting, a muralist by a song – which then means the need for more coffee shops, music venues, art galleries, gift shops, and on.

Public Tree

Can there be any question that public art is worth being on your radar when planning a move? Because by drawing in visitors and new businesses (one of which may be yours), public art also has great potential to help you keep your property values up – and well, it’s just cool, isn’t it? All in all, a city with a better than average public art collection sounds a whole lot like money in the bank so be sure to embrace it and also factor it in when considering your next home town.

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