21 Jan In Memory of Juanita Poole

Juanita Poole was an inspiring leader throughout her struggle with diabetes. As a testament to her great spirit, the Juanita June Foundation was birthed out of her twenty year long journey with the disease.

Ms. Poole was an American Indian. She worked her way through nursing school and, as a widower, raised four sons. Diagnosed with diabetes in 1990, Ms. Poole  endured several trying surgeries, including the amputation of her left leg above the knee as well as that of her right leg.

Despite these hardships, Juanita June Poole was ever an encourager and a blessing to many. The memory of her warrior spirit and “never give up” attitude carries on through the work of the Juanita June Foundation. Partnered with the American Diabetes Association, the purpose of this foundation is to raise awareness, provide supplies, and fund local projects.

Along with her moving involvement with the New Hope International Church, this congregation honored her by partnering with the Juanita Poole Foundation to host a 5k run and a 1/mile walk to raise money and awareness for diabetes. During a day of energy, hugs, support, education, and dedication to fighting a serious health problem, Bishop Jeff and Lisa Poole, partnered with the American Diabetes Association to raise $25,000.

The memory of Juanita Poole will live forever on in this bust artist Matt Glenn, president of Big Statues, created of stunning bronze. Timeless as this magnificent metal, Juanita Poole’s presence and impact will always be remembered.

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