07 Nov Homecoming sculpture

Sometimes in our busy lives, we are like two people lost amongst a sea of other people. Therefore, making time for each other becomes essential.

San Diego, from what we have seen thus far, is a beautiful seaport city. There are lots to do if one choose to do anything, but it’s perfectly acceptable to go to the beach and do nothing there.

We did a lot of walking. Aside from the benefit of walking off calories and stress, we got to see a lot of public art. This was one among many other public art we saw in San Diego, CA.

This is a 7-foot bronze sculpture on the waterfront aptly named, “Homecoming” by Stanley Bleifeld. To me, this sculpture is very beautiful and so emotionally charged. I like all of the faces and details on the sculpture, but the child’s face is perhaps the most expressive to me. Dedicated on August 13, 1998, in honor of sea service personnel. I hope you enjoy these pictures.



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