14 Feb Golden Award Winning Wine Boutique & Restaurant Reaches Out to Big Statues LLC to Give Life to a Dynamic Bronze Sculpture

Actor’s Corner Cafe is a California based high-end restaurant that specializes in promoting wholesome foods, slowly cooked with fine wine and served with goodness in a beautiful environment. Chef Santo, the lead culinary master, believes in creating an atmosphere filled with positive energy that contains the essence of life. Chef Santo and his wife Grace reached out to Matt Glenn of Big Statues and commissioned them to create a beautiful standing rendition of Chef Santo in bronze.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetThe Custom Bronze statue of Chef Santo stands in a unique pose, with one foot in front of the other, the right arm raised up in the air while the left arm remains held out to the side. When asked about the special positioning of his body portrayed in the statue, Santo said, “I was lifting the energy up from the ground, up the back of my right leg to the belt area, then through the center of my body, up to the chest and into my head. I was allowing energy to flow down from my right hand into the core of my heart and then flow into my left hand. That is how I try and work while preparing the food. It is a work of art and the sculpture that Big Statues is making is capturing the essence of the heart.”

The statue was sculpted with an exceptional amount of detail in order to properly portray the energy and purpose of Chef Santo. He has so much love for the work he does and for the people that visit his restaurant, and he believes that this statue is a great way to show his heart. And that is the exact reason why they chose Matt Glenn of Big Statues to be the lead sculptor of this project and to bring their vision and dream to life. Soon after this creation is produced and completed, Big Statues plans on making a few more Chef statues that local regulars of the restaurant want to purchase. The energy that the Chef gives off seems to be real after all.

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