13 Dec Gold Star Banner Memorial Revealed in Grand Prairie, Texas

The Bronze sculptors of Big Statues in Provo, Utah honor the men and women who have given their lives serving in the United States armed forces with a memorial sculpture of the Gold Star Banner hanging in the window of a home.

On one side of the sculpture is a detailed depiction of The Gold Star Banner hanging from the window as a perspective of outside the home, the other side depicts the banner as if you are inside the home.

The 5ft-by-5ft bronze sculpture is the second one placed in suburbs of Grand Prairie, Texas’ newly developed memorial park for fallen veterans accompanying one statue done earlier this year of a small flock of doves, also by Big Statues.

The life-size sculpture replicates the well-known Gold Star Banner, an official United States flag that is hand delivered to the family members of those who have fallen while serving their country as a tribute and is usually hung where it can be seen.

Big Statues, a custom bronze sculpting company that serves clients throughout the world, has had the opportunity to sculpt several pieces dedicated to the United States heroes who are keeping our country safe.

Each statue created by Big Statues has a unique message and meaning.  The bronze sculptor, Matt Glenn takes special care to recreate the individual spirit of those the statue is dedicated to.

Such bronze sculptures as the one placed in the memorial park of Grand Prairie, Texas builds pride in our country and are a way for civilians to show appreciation.  These bronze sculptures are timeless pieces of artwork that will continue to inspire and show gratitude for those that have served and continue to serve our country.

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