25 Jul Giant Sculptures

Giant Sculptures


Safety Pin Sculpture in New Orleans

Giant Safety Pin

Shuttlecocks Sculpture in Kansas City

Giant Shuttlecock

Binoculars in California

Giant Binoculars

Cupid’s Bow and Arrow in San Francisco

Giant Bow and Arrow

Buried Bicycle in Paris

Giant Buried Bicycle

Water Hose in Germany

Giant Water Hose

Hat Sculpture in California

Giant Hat

Free Stamp in Cleveland

Giant Free Stamp

Trowel in New York

Giant Trowel

Button in Philadelphia

Giant Button

Bowling in the Netherlands

Giant Bowling

Swiss Knife

Giant Swiss Knife

Clothespin in Philadelphia

Giant Clothespin

Matches in Barcelona

Giant Matches

Ice Cream Cone in Germany

Giant Ice Cream Cone

Apple Core in Jerusalem

Giant Apple Core

Saw in Tokyo

Giant Saw

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