28 Sep Gandhi Sculpture to be Unveiled in Florida Memorial Park

The bronze sculpture will be the focal point of a memorial park located on a half-acre piece of land in Falcon’s Lea Park in Davie, Florida. The park will contain several symbolic elements of Gandhi’s life including square patterned stepping stones alternating in color, representing the steps Gandhi took to achieve freedom.  The stones will be boarded by lighted stone pillars which represent a “pathway of light” leading to the sculpture.


The sculpture will be surrounded by a design of concentric circles, referring to a common center or origin of humanity.  The concentric circles with a curved wall behind show the letter ‘G’ from above, in an abstract form.


Palm Trees have been placed bordering the memorial symbolizing life, eternity, wisdom, and victory.


The memorial park is designed to provide a serene spot to reflect on Gandhi’s message to the 43,000 people in the area of Indian descent.


Big Statues is honored to take part in creating such sacred piece of art that will be appreciated for years to come.


The sculpture will be the seventh of its kind placed in states across the United States.


The unveiling ceremony is scheduled for October 2, 2012, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.


For more information on how you can have your custom bronze sculpture created by Big Statues visit our website at www.bigstatues.com or call, 801-373-5540.

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