06 Oct Fundraising:Get your students involved

Add heritage and spirit to your campus with a life-size statue of your founder or mascot. BIG STATUES is the solution to your sculpture needs. From 12 inches to 12 feet we have the ability and the man power to produce the bronze statue of your dreams. The possibilities are endless. We have created statues of all types for schools and sports teams. We would love to help you create your masterpiece in bronze.

Is your sport team looking for a new and exciting project that will bring students and faculty together while beatifying your campus at the same time?  BIG STATUES® can help you with your fund-raising and donor recognition needs. A bronze monument of your team mascot will show school pride and is a great way to put your school at the top of the class.

If you’re tired of participating in the same old programs that are difficult to implement, unprofessional or even unprofitable look no further. BIG STAUES will provide a profitable fundraising campaign so you won’t have to worry about how to pay for your statue.

Our sales & marketing team is here to help build your project into a complete success with a variety of fund-raising and more! The moment you inquire with BIGSTATUES.COM you will be appointed a customer service representative who will work with you from the very beginning stages of creating your initial design drawings of the statues to confirming that your monument has arrived and is set in place for the next one hundred years as promised.

Contact us today info@bigstatues.com to see how fund raising ideas and statue fund raising can provide a considerable amount of profit for your sport venue. Our customer service representatives are highly trained professionals and are here to assist you.

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